Sustainability Took Kit

The Legacy We Share.

People who visit Park City are drawn to the breathtaking beauty of the land, the creative culture of our thriving communities, and the sustainable values woven into the very fabric of our town. As a community, we think of ourselves as a beacon of earth friendliness. With some of the most ambitious climate goals in North America, Park City’s commitment to our cultural heritage and to sustainability includes sharing with visitors and locals alike how we can all strive to maintain the unique beauty and spirit of this community we call home.

We are in this Together.

The Chamber has put together and inital overview of their Sustainability Took Kit to help us educate our visiting guests how to help preserve and maintain our community for their next visit.

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After reviewing this Took Kit, if you have questions, suggestions or comments, please reach out to:

Morgan Mingle
Director of Sustainable Tourism
Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau

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