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The PCALA is a private non-profit organization, incorporated under the laws of Utah. The Active Voting Membership is open to any owner or general manager of a lodging service company or lodging corporate group in the Park City area.

Associate Non-Voting Membership is open to any owner, general manager, or their designee of a business or entity that supports the goals of the PCALA. See About Us to learn more.

Please note Membership dues will automatically be pro-rated based on membership start date. Membership dues include monthly luncheons for one person. Additional guests may attend monthly meetings at the rate of $40.00 pre-person.  All members are invited to participate in Association functions.

The Board of Trustees of the Park City Area Lodging Association (PCALA) cordially invite you to participate with us as a member of an association, whose whole aim is to provide communication and action between and on behalf of owners and general managers of lodging facilities in the Park City area.

General membership meetings are held monthly for all members on the first Wednesday of the month, at different facilities. Up to two meetings per year are restricted to Active lodging members only and are so designated by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees meets on the third Monday of the month at locations to be announced.

1. To foster fraternity among persons who, while they compete with each other in business, share common interests.
2. Distribute information among the membership, to keep all updated.
3. Provide knowledge through educational opportunities to their membership and its employees.
4. To make more available, goods and services to its membership, through interaction with suppliers.
5. Provide the membership with an organized voice to our city, county and state governments.
6. Foster close communication and support to its membership.
7. Foster close communication between other associations and organizations and the PCALA membership.

To be a member of the Park City Area Lodging Association tells your guests, suppliers and fellow businessmen that you subscribe to the highest ideals of hospitality service.

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